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We have the lowest moving rates of any fully-authorized ODOT mover in the Portland Metro area.

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Moving Rates in Portland, OR…

These are our amazing low prices.

Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a truck plus equipment


Three Men and a Truck


Three men and a truck plus equipment


Additional Services


Additional Mover


Travel Charge in Oregon only. In Washington – Call for details.


Free policy with move and additional coverage is available.

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Additional Things to Consider in Your Move…

There may be a few things to consider in your move. Sometimes these are only concern when moving long distances other times it may be in a short distance move. Moving with children and/or pet or getting rid of items you can or don’t want to move to your new home.

Moving With Children

Moving can be stressful to everyone in the family, including the children. Depending on the age of the child and length of time in your current dwelling moving can be stressfull on children. You may want to discuss the upcoming move with your childs doctor to see if they have a suggestion to help ease your child into their new home.

Moving Pets

We can forget about the furry members of the family. They can get stressed too. As things get moved and boxes packed they may not understand what is happening. Also considering the distance if they need a kennal for transport or if a harnes and leash will do the trick. Also food and water and a favorite toy. Your fur baby’s vet will surly have several suggestions to help your four legged family member adjust with less stress.


Water, Gas, Electric, Cable, Internet, Phone, Garbage and Mail. Each of these must be turned off at your old residence and turn on or transfered to your new place of dwelling. This is an easy one to forget but the last thing you want to do is pay for them at 2 places.

Pickups & Hauloffs

There may be some items that while you’re packing you decide you no longer need or want. There are several places you can take to donate or even arrange for them to come and pick up. There are even places that can come and breakdown and haul off that old shed that came with the new house. 

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